The Creambelt Seed Company is pleased to offer untreated garden seed for robust heirlooms and regional favorites. These varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs have flourished in planters, gardens and fields for generations. We hope you will be part of the tradition of selecting and growing plants for excellent flavor, texture, scent, color, habit, resistence and vigor. 

Most good-quality garden seed will produce results. Heirloom seeds offer more: they can be planted, harvested, and planted again to breed true—that is, to look and taste like the parent seed—with subtle differences. These differences are part of an inherent biodiversity which helps heirloom and open-pollinated plants do better under a variety of environmental challenges such as drought, or soil-borne fungus and disease. This kind of built-up immunity through diverse genetic material makes heirloom seed an excellent choice for gardeners using organic and natural practices. 

We're already setting aside space in the test gardens for potential additions to future catalogs, and we would appreciate your wish-lists and recommendations too. Please use the "Contact Us" link located at the bottom of this web page to share your thoughts. Thank you!

Sarah and Theo

The Creambelt Seed Company
Ballston Spa, New York